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No Fees Unless 我们赢了 on Your Behalf

At 伦纳德法律团体, we are passionate about representing 我们的客户 to the best of our ability. This means that we devote the time and resources necessary to success 每一个案子里. As a firm, we strive to provide 我们的客户 with excellence, both in the quality of our work and in the quality of 我们的客户服务. We provide reasonable 律师 fees, with the promise that if we don’t recover anything on your behalf, our services are free.

To date, our team has obtained more than $500 million for 我们的客户. 让我们经历 芝加哥 workers’ compensation lawyers help you navigate your legal situation! 联系 今天的伦纳德法律团体.

律师费用 in 人身伤害 Cases

律师费合计 人身伤害案件 handled by 伦纳德法律团体 are 33 1/3% if the case is settled prior 诉讼必须提交. If suit must be filed, the 律师 fee is 40% because of the legal work that must then be performed, including written and oral discovery, the hiring of experts, and all pre-trial and post-trial 运动. 伦纳德法律团体 is also reimbursed for all expenses incurred 在表示. This fee structure applies to all personal injury cases of any nature and kind.

律师费用 in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Attorney fees in workers' compensation cases are governed by Section 16 of the Illinois workers' compensation act. The Act provides for contingent fees with no upfront retainer owed to begin and carry on the representation. Generally, 律师 fees will not exceed 20% of the total settlement or trial award plus expenses incurred by 伦纳德法律团体 throughout the 案件的生命. Expenses are usually very minimal when compared to the value of the case. These expenses may include medical record copying fees, deposition fees 专家证人费. The remaining 80% is tax free to the client. 伦纳德法律团体 does not charge 律师 fees for undisputed periods of TTD or undisputed payment of medical bills. 如果客户端已被保护 a written offer prior to representation by 伦纳德法律团体, the 律师 fee is 20% of the total settlement or 50% above the written offer, whichever is less.

If 伦纳德法律团体 does not recover for you or cannot increase the prior written offer, no 律师 fees are owed. 365bet体育app at (312) 487-2513 today for more information about our fees.

客户至上. 总是.

Our Clients Share Their Stories
  • 总是 a pleasure to work with!

    “总是 a pleasure to work with! Very quick at getting back to you and helping with anything you need!”

  • 谢谢你! sincerely from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me.

    “I've been thinking how fortunate, blessed, I am to have an 律师 like you. You're a great 律师 and I'm glad that you're MY 律师!”

  • 伦纳德 Law is a must if you are injured on the job!

    “谢谢你! 伦纳德 Law (Joe) for all that you do. I don't know what I would do without you. 谢谢你!.”

  • Ahora gracias a 伦纳德法律团体 yo y mi familia dejamos de sufrir.

    “Estamos muy agradecidos con 伦纳德法律团体 por que a sacado adelante a mecaso cuando el abogado anterior no me habla ayudado en mucho. Ahora gracias a 伦纳德法律团体 yo y mi familia dejamos de s ...”

  • 我送给他 to Joe 伦纳德 and he was awarded $150,000.

    “Many members of Local 705 call me for advice on workers compensation issues. A Village employee called me because he felt he was wrongly terminated because of a workers compensation case. 我送给他 ...”


我们得到的结果. 期.

  • 免费的情况评估

    Regardless of the size or scope of your case, we always provide free initial consultations to 我们的客户.

  • 我们赢了... 很多-这就是我们的工作

    We know how insurance companies and major corporations work to try and avoid responsibility. We're not afraid to go toe-to-toe with these companies to fight to make sure 我们的客户 get the recovery they deserve.

  • Hundreds of Millions Recovered For Our Clients

    We have recovered over $500 million for injured clients, winning virtually every case we've tried or obtaining a superb settlement along the way.

  • 经验在你身边

    The seasoned trial 律师s at the 伦纳德法律团体 possess over 100 years of collective legal experience.

We Make Insurance Companies Pay

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